​Energinet launches Energinet Invoice – a new Tenant and Invoice module. 

Energinet Invoice has been created for those who want to integrate EOS with invoicing of consumption to their tenant. By promoting greater focus on the part of the tenants towards consumption and costs, this will assist property companies to achieve their environmental goals.

Energinet Invoice has been created in co-operation with a large user of Energinet. ​ “We have an increasing requirement for automatic invoicing on the background of data from Energinet, and Cebyc was very accommodating in creating such a solution. We are using the solution with great successs and with very good ROI for our account department,” says Energinet user Isak Oksvold of Aspelin Ramm Eiendom AS.​ ​

Energinet Invoice is a cost efficient solution which will be employed by the accounting department in property companies. The module provides a full overview of leases, consumption and costs. An administration page adds a quick overview of the data quality, distribution and so on. ​

Energinet Invoice facilitates the distribution of energy costs on tenants on the basis of meter data, meter costs, rented area and distribution keys.

The module combines all these data to calculate the share each individual tenant should pay of the costs on the individual meters which are covered by the distribution keys.

All the data which are used in the Invoice Module have daily resolution. Meters with daily resolution facilitate further use without problems. Meters with weekly or monthly resolution may have costs and consumption converted to daily resolution.
*Aspelin Ramm is a solid and responsible property developer who emphasizes that buildings provide valuable elements of landscape and cityscape, and that they consume less energy.The business is mainly related to properties in Oslo, Eastern region and in Norway as well as in Gothenburg and Stockholm in Sweden.

Energinet Invoice

Energinet The ISO 50001 Energy Management Software

Energinet The ISO 50001 Energy Management Software

Module tabs

You will see 3 tabs in the Invoice Module.
•    Tenants
•    Building
•    Invoice documentation

Step 1: Create Tenants

​ Energinet Invoice gives you the opportunity to:
•    Create Tenants
•    Register Leases
•    Invoice frequency
•    Account type and so on

Step 2: Building

Under the Building tab, you will find a survey of all the buildings. Here, you may remove the buildings which have no tenants or invoicing information. Afterwards, you may link tenants to the buildings.



Step 3: Distribution keys

Now, you distribute meters, share of meters, smart meters or shares of smart meters to the tenants.
You may also distribute consumption (100% on the tenant), relative to leased area or that the system distributes evenly on all tenants.

Step 4: Cost control

Here you enter all unit costs for the measuring unit.
Such as for example energy cost per kWh, fixed cost or fixed monthly cost. Costs may be imported into Energinet Invoice automatically.
You may determine a price per meter or for all meters of the same meter type in one operation.


Step 5: Invoice documentation

Now, you have reached Invoice documentation. Select Invoice frequency and period and generate the invoice documentation.


Step 6: Check the Invoice documentation

Now you may check whether everything in the invoice documentation is all right. Here you see the buildings, consumption, costs and the quality of the meter data.
Verify the documentation and confirm. The invoice documentation may be found under the Invoice documentation tab.
You may also view, edit, export, or delete data from this screen.

If you need more information about Energinet Invoice or a live demo, please contact us by

e-mail at post@cebyc.no

Energinet is developed and maintained by Cebyc AS - Norway - and distributed throughout the world by Partners. Energinet in compliance with ISO 50001.

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