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Tafjord EnergyArena customers save  up to 45% on energy usage! r Read more here

New Environment and Climate reporting tool regrads to GHG protocol. Read more here

The photo shows, from the left:
Camilla Blom, Asbjørn Vågnes and
Leif Rune Vinje.

Energy supplier Tafjord Marked wins big tender competition with Energinet.


Cebyc congratulates Tafjord Marked with the tender relating to 12 municipalities around Ålesund.

“We in Tafjord Marked are very happy and proud for having won the tender competition for the management and power supply to the 12 municipalities in the Ålesund region. We admit is was particularly nice to win over the big, national competitors in this competition where Tafjord Marked was considered to be best at management solutions, competence and EOS systems,” says Camilla Blom, Key Account Manager Tafjord Marked.



Gulskogen Shopping Centre has success with Energy Management

Learn more about how Gulskogen Shopping Centre, part of Klépierre Group,  has success with Energy Management and Energinet as a tool. Read more here


Steen & Strøm is owned by the French shopping centre giant Klépierre (56.1%) and the Dutch pension fund APG (43.9%). 
- Klépierre is Europe’s leading shopping centre company and is represented in 13 countries.

- Klépierre operates 374 shopping centres in Europe, of which 274 are wholly owned. 

The company’s business idea is to own, develop and manage leading shopping centres localized in attractive commercial areas.

Energinet won tender for The Norwegian Military

Cebyc won the tender for new 5 years with the The Norwegian Defence Estates Agency 

We are very pleased with the fact that we are continuing the co-operation with The Norwegian Defence Estates Agency for many years still. The fact that we win in a situation of strong competition and receive the best score both with reference to quality, flexibility and user interface is a confirmation that our strategy is correct and that Energinet is a market leader in this market,” says sales and marketing director Thor Øyvind Ludvigsen of Cebyc AS.

“With Energinet, we will have the opportunity to classify the energy consumption and energy costs on Market level (MO) or for an area within every MO or on building level or even all the way down to meter level. Similarly, our tenants will have the opportunity sort data on operational units in the Defence (DIF) and on the budget and the profit responsible department (BRA). This is feasible across market areas and may create the basis for invoice documentation in the future,” says Gunnar B. Solbjørg of The Norwegian Defence Estates Agency.

Solbjørg says that they have great expectations to the system. The system provides great opportunities for following up the operation of individual buildings both with reference to budgeting, follow up and the consumption of energy. But it is equally important to use the system to uncover energy leaks and fix such leaks as well as to develop measures in order to save energy, Solbjørg continues. In order to safeguard proper operation in the future, The Norwegian Defence Estates Agency has employed personnel in the individual MO to become specialists in the use of energy management and in this manner contribute to a situation in which The Norwegian Defence Estates Agencyis able to meet our commitments by saving 90 GWh in the defence sector by means of the programme “Energy Management in the Defence Phase II”.

Skretting Group, a part of Nutreco, goes globally with Energinet

The fish feed producer Skretting Group goes globally with Energinet

Skretting is expanding its co-operation with Cebyc after having obtained positive experiences with Energinet in the Norwegian production facilities.

“We have signed a new agreement which provides the Skretting Group’s production facilities in 16 countries equal opportunities to roll out similar energy collection systems and energy management with the assistance of Energinet.”

The tool with which Skretting Norway has gained positive experience is the energy collection system Energinet and energy management according to ISO 50001,” says operations engineer Harald Steffensen of Skretting.

“For us, this is our first global agreement related to Energinet in which we are delivering Energinet to production facilities all over the world. This confirms that our strategy to bring Energinet in the forefront in the market is correct. To be open and listen to what the market wants and requires is vitally important, particularly when you compete with big players and suppliers internationally”, says sales and marketing director Thor Øyvind Ludvigsen of Cebyc AS in Trondheim.

Energinet Invoice is a new module in Energinet

Energinet Invoice is a new module in Energinet for property owners who want to integrate EnMS with invoicing of consumption to their tenants. 
By promoting greater focus on the part of the tenants towards consumption and costs, this will assist property companies to achieve their environmental goals.
Energinet Invoice has been created in co-operation with Aspelin Ramm AS.

“We have an increasing requirement for automatic invoicing on the background of data from Energinet, and Cebyc was very accommodating in creating such a solution. Currently we are testing the module and look forward to make use of a functional invoice solution through Energinet,” says Isak Oksvold of Aspelin Ramm Eiendom AS.

Energinet Invoice is a cost efficient solution which will be employed by the accounting department in property companies. The module provides a full overview of leases, consumption and costs. An administration page adds a quick overview of the data quality and more. 




The Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA) is a superior federal authority subordinated to the Federal Ministry of Economics and

Technology (BMWi).

BAFA approves Cebyc `s ISO 50001 energy management software Energinet and sets Energinet on the list of eligible software products within the meaning

of the subsidy program for energy management systems. As essential criteria of conformity to ISO 50001, the various evaluation options of consumption values​​,

and the identification of individual indicators (KPI, ENPI, etc.), the various types of consumption visualization, the car mash reporting and automatic alarm when exceeding of thresholds apply.


Energinet been certified by TÜV Rheinland with TÜVdotCom-marked 01 150120214 conformity to DIN EN ISO 50,001th Thus, the use of Energinet in the

company can be funded nationally.

Energinet approved by BAFA in Germany



Free Application from Energinet


Energinet launches FREE Application for Android smart phones.

Energinet QR metering enables you to directly download the application from the Google Play Store.Create QR codes automatically from inside EnerginetAttach code to the sensor, use the app to read the code and automatically send e-mail to the Energinet - Offline or Online.


Cebyc goes heavy inn in Sweden and Denmark with the Scandinavian

energy supplier ElKraft

ElKraft AS was founded in April 1992 and is one of the first private operators by the Energy Act opened to free competition on the purchase and sale of electricity.

ElKraft AS passed 1 billion in revenue in 2010 and are growing.
ElKraft AS is nationwide and established in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland.
Through a agreement between the two companies we will establish thousands of measurement points in Energinet from ElKraft AS customers in Sweden and Denmark.

The new Vodafone Campus in Dusseldorf Germany chose Energinet

Telephone company Vodafone chose Energinet Energy Management System for its new Campus in Dusseldorf.
The building has a total floor area of 110,000 m2 and 5,000 employees will have their office space here. Construction has taken 27 months and resulted in a new campus, which includes a 19-storey office building, 3 buildings of 7 floors and a parking garage.
Energinet was connected to MBus meters which was supplied of Schneider Electric through Energinets new GPRS momitoring and control unit.

Energinet energy imports data directly from E.ON




Energinet is now receiving energy data automatically from the energy company E.ON. E.ON sends its own format directly to Energinet servers which running the data through a special washer and Energinet then processes the data in the usual way.


One of Europe's largest paint manufacturers choose Energinet

Energinet won the competition for one of Europe's largest paint manufacturers. Energinet flexibility, ISO 50001 tool and project management was

essential to get the contract.


Great interest for Energinet on Vodafone Innovation Tour

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